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Stanislawa Poplawska Nazi War Crime Claim

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Stanislawa Poplawska Nazi War Crime Claim


Stanislawa Poplawska came to the United States in 1949 from a displaced persons camp in Germany. Because she was subject to inhuman treatment after she was deported to Germany as a laborer, she opened a claim for war crimes. This collection contains her affidavit written in Polish and its English translation, a proof of her alien registration card, and a letter from Joseph Furtek to Dr. Kisiel asking for Mrs. Poplawski's medical records.


English, Polish

Items in the Stanislawa Poplawska Nazi War Crime Claim Collection

The cover of the folder of Stanislawa Poplawska's file.

A typed copy of Mrs. Poplawska's affidavit details her experiences as a slave laborer in Germany's camps and the mental and physical abuse to which she was subjected.

Mrs. Poplawski swears under oath that she is a holder of an Alien Registration Receipt Card

The original affidavit in which Stanislawa Poplawski describes her experiences and abuses she suffered in German labor camps.

A short, one page summary of Stanislawa Poplawski's experiences in Germany.

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