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Aleksander Anuszkiewicz asks Felix Furtek about the possibility of sponsoring his 17 year old sister so she could immigrate to the United States.

Affidavit of support filled out by Alexander Anuszkiewicz stating his assets needed to prove he can sponsor his wife's sister.

Basic information about Alexander Anuszkiewicz, his employment situation and reasons why he wants to sponsor Józefa Maziarz. On the reverse, Alexanders states he owns stock and half of the house he lives in.

A letter in which Alexander Anuszkiewicz asserts he enclosed the $15.00 he owed for his sister-in-law's case and he includes information about the stocks he owes.

A document certifying Józef Olsztyński's service as a volunteer from the United States. It includes a summary of his companies and names the battles in which he took part. Signed by Major Waligóra

Frank Balcerzak writes to Felix Furtek to ask him for help in sponsoring his granddaughter(?) from Poland.

The certificate of demobilization includes Józef Olsztyński's information as well as his company's information and identifies him as a private.

A letter addressed to Joseph Blackham of the United States Lines Co. introduces the case of Joseph Bala who wishes to sponsor his fiancée, currently living in France. The letter asks for advise about how to accomplish the task most easily.
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