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Frank Balcerzak writes to Felix Furtek to ask him for help in sponsoring his granddaughter(?) from Poland.

Felix Furtek writes to Helena Grabarek informing her that she will be part of a quota which is small for people coming from Poland and that she should not be impatient.

Felix Furtek sends Frank Balcerzak three copies of affidavit of support and two copies of Frank's application to come to America. Furtek also inquires about the port of departure (Hamburg, Bremen, or other) and informs Balcerzak that the Affidavit of…

The letter informs that Frank Balcerzak is employed at the Winthrop Hotel.

Account statement from Frank Balcerzak's bank.

Felix Furtek asks Frank Balcerzak to fill the enclosed affidavits of support.

The receipt was included in the Joseph Bala folder but does not include any more information.

A blank passenger information form. The back provides a "list of races or peoples."

The front of the note has Joseph Bala's name, address and a note that he is sponsoring his fiancée. The back includes the name and address of the fiancée.

A telegram offering Joseph Bala a berth on the Gripsholm to Havre on 27 February, 1946.
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